Song Samples


Solo Albums:

Preview samples from album "Language Mix" (2005)

Preview samples from album "Pretty girl" (2001)

Albums with Bands:

Preview samples from album "Indian Summer" (1994) by Cheri Heat

Preview samples from album "3 Denger wia Kunstdenger" (1995) by Red Fox

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Live Recordings from Solo Gigs in 2003-2004:

  Eternally (Pianomike)

  Let it be (The Beatles)

  Route 66 (Bobby Troup)

  Doctor my eyes (Jackson Browne)

  Tequila sunrise (The Eagles)


Samples from E-Concert 3:

Nice snowy Christmas 2004 (Pianomike)

Love will keep us alive (The Eagles)


Solo Instrumentals:


  Voice chords

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