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2011 current Hog Wild  
2005 2009 Incognito on break in 2006+2007
2004 2006 Hog Wild 2008-2009 as featured guest musician
2002 2005 Zion Train  
1996 2000 The Merge  
1993 1996 Cheri Heat  
1992 1995 Red Fox  
1991 1993 8 Glasses  


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Hog Wild

Pianomike has played with Hog Wild from Dec. 2004 to Jan. 2006 and now again since Dec. 2011. In 2008 and 2009 Pianomike occasionally played with Hog Wild as featured guest. The band plays classic rock, rock'n roll, soul and oldies. Hog Wild is a strong vocal group.

Current band members:

  • Pianomike (vocals, keyboards, bass)
  • Dale Visage (vocals, guitar, sax, harmonica)
  • Lloyd Morris (vocals, rhythm guitar)
  • Bret Barlow (drums)
  • Tom Bacon (lead guitar)

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Hog Wild in May 2005:

Hogwild - May 2005

Band members Dec 2004 to Jan 2006, from left to right:

  • Michael Prikryl (vocals, keyboards)
  • Dale Visage (vocals, guitar, sax, harmonica)
  • Lloyd Morris (vocals, rhythm guitar)
  • David Hand (bass, vocals)
  • Jim Hill (drums, vocals)
  • Kevin Haapala (lead guitar)

Hogwild - Click for larger version!

Hog Wild plays at weddings, corporate parties, other parties, club events, public events and other venues.

Zion Train

Zion Train was one of Southern Oregon's most popular dance/entertainment band. Zion Train has been around since the mid nineties. Pianomike joined Zion Train in Summer of 2002 and played with them until August of 2005. The band played at weddings, parties and other events.

The Merge

In September 1996, Mike met guitarist Paul Hopp, who originally comes from Portland, Oregon. They played several times together at different events of Southern Oregon University and at some open mike events in Ashland, OR. Not until October 1997 they formed the duo "The Merge" starting with gigs in the famous Ashland coffee house "The Beanery". In December 1997, they also performed on Rogue Valley Television (Channel 9). In Spring 1998, they wrote the closing song "Welcome to the World" for the 25th International Show at Southern Oregon University. The Merge played original songs and as well as covers.
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In Fall 1998, Paul went to Spain for a year, so Mike played solo or sometimes with guest artists such as Alex Carlson (violin). In November 1999, Paul rejoined Mike for a few more gigs. In summer of 2000, Paul went to Japan.

Cheri Heat

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In September 1993, Mike joined rock band Cheri Heat as keyboarder and background vocalist. The band's members were Mike, Stephan Rudolph (drums), Alex Riehm (guitars) and Roland Embleton from Newcastle/England (vocals). In May 1994 Cheri Heat released the CD "Indian Summer" with 11 original songs with English lyrics. Then, in January 1995, Oli Pfunder (bass) joined the band, and they played live all over Southern Germany.

In mid 1995, new singer Thomas Nill joined Cheri Heat, and they began to produce new songs in their studio. Mike's last gig with Cheri Heat was on Saturday, June 1, 1996, in the Atelier, Stuttgart-Sonnenberg. In July 96, Mike left the band, because he went to Oregon, USA.

Red Fox

Already in May 1992, Mike started playing with dance and show band "Red Fox". Mike played keyboards and sang. Red Fox performed in the great metropolitan area of Stuttgart, above all in their hometown Filderstadt. They played a great variety of music from German folk, country, pop to rock'n roll and rock.

In December 1994, they released the CD "3 Denger wia Kunstdenger" with four original songs. On New Year's Eve 1995, Mike had his last gig with Red Fox announcing that he would be going to Oregon to study.

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8 Glasses

After having left the Filderstadt Music School rock band in 1991, Mike founded the high school band "8 Glasses" together with guitar player Emre Onur and drummer Dirsko von Pfeil. Two other members joined the band: Tobias Lange (Vocals) and Karl-Heinz Eisele (Bass). Mike, of course, played keyboards and sang, too.

8 Glasses played rock music covers from ELO, Supertramp, AC/DC and similar bands. They also played Mike's original songs. 8 Glasses stopped playing in June 1993, after the band's members graduated from the "Gymnasium" (high school) and everyone went their own way.

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